Spend All of Elon Musk’s Money in a Depressingly Fun Game!

Elon Musk is a wealthy man. In fact, if the latest figures are to be believed, he’s currently worth something in the region of $166,000,000,000 (that’s 166 Billion dollars!). With that kind of money, though, do you think you’d be able to blow it all within 30 seconds? Well, thanks to a new browser game, you can have the biggest virtual splurge of your life by trying to blow as much of Elon’s money as you can!

Spending Elon’s Money!

Created by Leasing Options UK, as likely a means of drumming up a very effective bit of free advertising, ‘Spending Elon’s Money’ is essentially a 30-second long mini-game where, through various options, you see how much of his $166BN fortune you can blow. This includes buying such items as thousands of Big Mac’s (albeit at a bizarrely inflated price of $8 each), having enough PlayStation 5 consoles to build a house, or if you want to go for that high score, launching thousands of his Falcon 9 rockets!

Can You Blow Elon Musk’s Money?

Feverously clicking so quickly that I might have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, through the launch of over 3,000 Falcon 9 rockets, I still sadly left Elon Musk with $13BN in his bank account. Mildly depressing not only because I couldn’t drain all of his funds, but this is still probably 100,000 times more than I’ll ever have in my bank account. Can you do any better, though? – Well, if you want to try this out for yourself, click on the link here!

Post the screenshot of your results in the comments and, presuming you don’t use a filthy cheating auto-clicker, you might get a thumbs up from us!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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