Spire Announce PowerCube 702 Mini-ITX Case

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Spire’s collection of PC cases is yet to really venture into the mini-ITX arena but their new case the “PowerCube 702” does exactly that. This case reminds me quite a lot of the Cooler Master Elite 120 case and it uses a similar one piece outer shell. The case comes pre-fitted with a 300W SFX power supply which means you can’t really run anything too powerful in here but there is still plenty of space.spire_powercube_702_mini_itx_2Airflow is quite basic with just a single front 80mm fan mount and a rear 60mm fan mount. This certainly isn’t going to be a mini-ITX case for gaming PCs but instead a mini-ITX case for low power APU and HTPC systems.

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Key Features:

  • Cool and Contemporary design
  • Durable and sturdy 0.5mm SGCC metal structure
  • Meshed lower front for cool air intake
  • Front USB2.0 and AC97 Audio Connections
  • Full Folded, Full Screen and Radiation protected
  • Mini ITX Motherboard, Compatible
  • Rear and front 80mm or 60mm fan space available
  • Pre-assembled with 300W SFX Power Supply
  • Backed by 2 years manufacturer warranty

Spire have set an MSRP of $57.95 and €44.95 for this new mini-ITX case putting it in direct competition with Cooler Master’s Elite 120 case.  That said this case does hold a significant advantage in that it already comes with a power supply making it solid value for money.

Images courtesy of Spire


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