Spire Launches the Star LED Fan Series

/ 5 years ago

Introducing the Spire Star LED fan series, the Star series consist out of RedStar & BlueStar LED fans which are high quality, LED colored and silent cooling fans for the PC gamer. Based on the new Star fan blade design these LED series are destined to provide good airflow at silent noise levels. Top of the line components and features are applied to build these powerful LED fans.

The Star series LED fans feature PWM which automatically controls the fan speed between 600~1200 rpm, according to the computers temperature. This ensures that the fan is as quiet as possible at all times and automatically adjusts to meet your systems cooling needs. To make this fan series extra silent we have included 4 rubber anti-vibe mounts to install the fan and stop any fan vibration. Trust the brand with the industry leading experience, Spire.

Main Features:

  • Special fan blade shape and spokes design
  • Ultra silent operation at maximum 21dBA
  • 4 bright LEDs installed (E.G Blue or Red)
  • Superior airflow and High air pressure
  • PWM automatic fan speed control as a standard
  • Sleeved wires for better airflow, and neat appearance
  • 4 PIN PWM (2510) connector for mainboard
  • UV-Reactant, great addition to any pc system
  • Available in Sleeve, Ball and Nano-Bearing

Compatibility: The Star Series LED fans are compatible with the ATX, MICRO and MID-ATX PC chassis.

MSRP: USD 12.99 / EURO 9.95 (Sleeve bearing version) USD 14.99 / EURO 11.95 (Ball bearing version) USD 19.99 / EURO 15.95 (Nano bearing version)

Product includes:

  • User installation manual
  • LED fan unit
  • 4x Anti-Vibe Mounting screws
  • Warranty registration card

Availability: The Star fan series are available in the sizes 80 mm, 90 mm and 120 mm. Available for direct shipment from Spire China and from Spire branch offices.

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