Split – The Bite-Controlled Wireless Headphone-Sized MP3 Player

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While wireless headphones tend to connect via something like Bluetooth, a new set of headphones from Greenwing Audio – dubbed split – is set to change that. Split is an MP3 player and set of headphones rolled into one. Pictured above the Split looks like nothing more than a pair of earbuds but in reality it is much more complex than that.

Firstly inside that tiny earbud is a small circuit board with a custom battery, memory chip, processor, accelerometer and high precision crystal clocks. The two earphones which start off magnetically attached begin to play synchonised audio when split. The earphones exchange a short near field signal when the track or volume is changed apparently reducing the radiation exposed to your head by 1000 times. The tracks and songs are changed by a biting motion where the onboard accelerometer detects the pattern of the bite – one bite skips the track and another bite changes the volume. Tapping the right earphone locks the player to avoid changes when you are eating or chewing gum. Split has a custom USB cable for recharging the onboard battery and transferring music to the onboard storage, it connects via USB 2.0.

The specifications of the Split are as follows:

  • Processor: ARM Cortex M3 32bit
  • Memory: NOR Flash, capacity from 64MB to 256MB
  • Max Audio Output Power per channel: 20mW
  • Audio Amplifier SNR: 100dB
  • Speaker Type: 6mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity (1kHz): 105dB/mW
  • Speaker impedance 16 Ohm

The project is currently starting up on Kickstarter and it is going to cost a hefty $155 to get your hands on a pair of these new headphones. If you want to check the new technology out then you can do so right here.

Image courtesy of Greenwing Audio (KickStarter)

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3 Responses to “Split – The Bite-Controlled Wireless Headphone-Sized MP3 Player”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    For 155 bucks, I’d expect the artists I listen to to perform live for me whenever I wish. 😉

  2. SKY FURIA says:

    A pair would be good for me at school 🙂

  3. Mohamed Flahi says:

    WHATTT coool 🙂 now we’re talking 😉

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