Spoiler Alert: Star Wars Creates Waves with Han solo

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With the new instalment of the Star Wars series coming out later this year, Disney had to find a way of somehow tying in the older cast into the newer films. This will most likely come in a multitude of ways, primarily comics and TV spin-offs.

In the recent launch of the Marvel comic book line, the sixth instalment threw a huge spanner in the works. The comics are based into the time period between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Remember back to the films and you will likely hit upon the intense connection between Han Solo and Leia.


On the last page, a ship lands in a field with Han and Leia at the base, when a gun touting woman casually walks down to them. In this confrontation, it turns out that the woman is called Sana Solo, Hans’ Wife. The final scene of the comic has Han hold his head in shame, Leia with a blank/ shocked expression and Sana questioning who Leia is.


We all know that Han is a space-bucks loving scoundrel, who only initially seemed to be introduced to the Star Wars timeline to earn money to pay off his bounty. As time progress, his relationship with the rest of the characters grew more intense.

Now considering the placement in time that this occurs, it is obvious that Sana has zero effect on the timeline, but now it opens the questions of what happened to Sana?

Thank you to ArsTechnica for providing this information.

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