Spot The Difference – Google Makes a Tiny Change to Their Logo

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Google are very well-known for their daily doodles and interactive headlines that top their home page nearly every day, but whilst these are a one day only affair, their main company logo is what most users tend to see. Over the years the corporate logo has seen a number of changes and alterations to the font, colours, patterns and so on, but the latest revision is so small that it’s very hard to see.

As seen from the GIF above, the alterations have been made to the second ‘g’ and ‘l’, where the ‘g’ has moved a whole 1 pixel to the right and the ‘l’ sees more of a change moving a whopping 1 pixel to the right and 1 pixel lower down.

Apparently a few people have commented previously to say that the ‘l’ and ‘e’ did not line up properly and this must have got on the nerves of one particular graphic editor, forcing him to make the changes. In addition another viewer has apparently noted a change to the second ‘o’ where the yellow saturation has been increased – but this is not possible to see with the eye, but a Photoshop investigation does show a variation in the two logos.

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No matter how slight the change is, one saying goes ‘it’s the small changes that make the big things happen’. This change probably won’t affect Google in any way, although one person is probably going to sleep better, now that they know everything is lined up as it should be.

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  • Dale

    I liked the way it looked before… Bring back the Before logo!

  • Wayne

    I hope they don’t keep on making massive changes like this, it could drive them to insolvency. XD

  • Keven Brochu

    I can see the color change to the O. But it’s very subtle, you need to know it’s there. I’m watching this on a 10-bit IPS panel though.

  • Garret

    Whoever figured this out has way too much time on their hands

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