Spotify begins the rollout of their browser-based music app beta

/ 5 years ago

Spotify – I love thee. But it looks like the streaming and music discovery service is about to find a new home: your web browser. The Verge is reporting from “sources close to the company” that they’re launching their first browser-based music player.

It looks like the desktop versions on both Windows and Mac, including Search, Spotify Radio, playlist editing and creation, and a “What’s New”section. Spotify on the web will continue its free path, but as usual, include ads and now banner ads in your browser.

The web app will enjoy its rollout over the coming months, and won’t replace the desktop counterparts. One of the most requested features of Spotify was a browser-based player, so users’ wishes have been granted. A browser-based version of Spotify is also a huge bonus for those not capable (at work, school) of installing or downloading an application, and is a great feature for those who want to have their music truly transportable – not you can just login to the browser-based player at a friends house and enjoy your playlists.

Spotify haven’t revealed what technology they’ve adapted into their browser-based music player, but we should hear more details on that soon enough. They’ve been using peer-to-peer tech for their desktop app, which guarantees super-fast load times, while Spotify’s mobile apps stream content directly from Spotify servers.

Source: The Verge

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