Square Enix Apologizes for tasteless Hitman promotion on Facebook

/ 5 years ago

Very recently, Square Enix released a Facebook promotion where you can “place a hit” on your Facebook friends and then friends would be sent a video of an agent assassinating your friend. Harmless? Yeah until you get to know that the setting “target identifiable by..” description.

Hitman: absolution facebook whoops

Since using a harmless description is too mainstream, Agent 47 identifies targets by preset choices such as “her big ears”, “her hairy legs” and “her small tits”. Whoops!!

The “insert friend’s photo here” video wasn’t very humorous to people, except for folks at Square Enix.A few game developers even criticized Square Enix via twitter:

As expected, Square Enix pulled it off and said:

Earlier today we launched an app based around Hitman: Absolution that allowed you to place virtual hits on your Facebook friends. Those hits would only be viewable by the recipient, and could only be sent to people who were confirmed friends. We were wide off the mark with the app, and following feedback from the community we decided the best thing to do was remove it completely and quickly. This we’ve now done.

It is a good promotion if it weren’t for those tasteless comments and lines that would be insulting for a lot of people.

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