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Square Enix Partner With Firm To Offer Final Fantasy Weddings

Final Fantasy Wedding

I’ve been married for nearly 10 years now and that despite us having the ups and downs that all couples do, there is one thing I know for certain. Had I pitched to my wife the idea of a Final Fantasy themed wedding, I’d likely be single now! It seems, however, that Square Enix is more than open to the idea!

In a report via PCGamesN, a Japanese Bridal company has entered into an official Partnership with Square Enix to offer customers the props and costumes necessary for a legitimately endorsed Final Fantasy themed wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

The concept seems to have largely been taken from Final Fantasy XIV which does offer players the ability to enter into an ‘Eternal Bonding Ceremony’. This has, therefore, taken a step further into reality by the company offering weapons, costumes, food and music all inspired (or directly from) the Final Fantasy universe.

This can even include a giant Moogle who ‘oversees’ you as you undertake your vows.

How Much Does This Cost?

As you might imagine, this is very popular in Japan, but currently is only officially on offer there. Despite that, however, the ‘event’ will cost you around £25,000. That might seem like a lot of money (and it is) but by the levels that some people spend on their wedding, it really isn’t. Consider, as well, the fact that the ‘in-game’ wedding will cost you around £30. I know which option I’d plump for!

If you do, therefore, want your Final Fantasy wedding, head over to Japan. Just remember to leave your sanity at home!

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Mike Sanders

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