Square Enix Hacked!

/ 7 years ago

Two Square Enix websites have been hacked. The websites affected by the hackers are deusex.com and Eidosmontreal.com. As soon as the sites were hacked Square Enix took both of the websites down and began trying to figure out how there servers were accessed and what information was accessed. They discovered up to 25,000 customers could have been affected. Also 350 resumes submitted to the company’s Canadian office may also have been accessed.

The resumes have all the required information to commit identity fraud excluding credit card details. Although its not only the resumes that are cause for concern, the user information that was accessed contains email addresses which could be used by hackers to impersonate Square Enix and gain personal information by tricking users. It seems all these so called “secure” servers aren’t so secure after all.

Well guys make sure you check with Sqaure Enix before responding with any personal information. Not that they should be asking for it anyway.

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