Square Enix Trailer Re-imagines FF XIV as a Fighting Game!

/ 3 years ago


I haven’t played as a Final Fantasy character in a fighting game since the PlayStation 1 classic Ergheiz and for those of you too young to recall that era of gaming, the game was bloody awesome and a delightful retreat back to some of the things that made Final Fantasy VII so great. Now it seems Square Enix want to torment us with a flight of fancy that is likely to never become a playable game!

To demonstrate the power of their game engine which is being used for Final Fantasy XIV, the developer has created a very special trailer, which reimagines the open-world MMO as a fighting game, that bears quite a lot of similarity to games like Soul Calibur and Street Fighter.

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What is frustrating, is that this fighting mode is not planned to be integrated into the game, nor is it intended to be released as a game, which is absolute torture for us gamers who would quite happily pay good money for something like this. Who knows, perhaps a few well-timed petitions and some forum outrage will give Square Enix the kick they need to bring a game like this into reality so that we can all enjoy it.

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