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Square Enix Unveils Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Trailer

More announcements are coming out of Japan from the on-going Jump Festa event. The latest trailer reveal from there is Square Enix‘ Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The arena fighting game with action RPG elements is the console adaptation of the 2015 Japan-only arcade game. However, developer Koei-Tecmo has redesigned the battle system from the ground up for the console release.

Characters are divided into four combat classes: Vanguards, Assassins, Marksmen and Specialists. Vanguards are power-based while Assassins are agility-based. Marksmen are obviously range-based. Meanwhile, Specialists are unique-trait based characters. Players can choose three characters for a 3-on-3 combat and players can switch which character is the main. An AI controls the remaining two characters.

This game is for the true Final Fantasy fan as it collects characters from previous titles into a single game. One or two characters represent each title, with a total roster target of 50 characters. The confirmed characters so far include the following:

  • Warrior of Light and Garland from FFI
  • Frion and The Emperor from FFII
  • Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness from FFIII
  • Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwinda and Golbeza from FFIV
  • Bartz Klauser and Exdeatha from FFV
  • Terra Branford and Kefka Palazzoa from FFVI
  • Cloud Strife and Sephiroth from FFVII
  • Squall Leonhart and Ultimeciaa from FFVIII
  • Zidane Tribal and Kujaa from FFIX
  • Tidus and Jechta from FFX
  • Shantotto from FFXI
  • Vaan from FFXII
  • Lightning from FFXIII
  • Y’shtola Rhul from FFXIV
  • Noctis Lucis Caeluma from FFXV
  • Ramza Beoulvea from Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Acea from Final Fantasy Type-0

Release Date

Although the arcade version came out in 2015, it is only available in Japan. However, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is on schedule for a worldwide release on January 30, 2018. However, players can expect it on PlayStation 4 exclusively for now. Whether it will get a release on other platforms is still up in the air.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT PlayStation 4 Trailer

Since the trailer is heavy on the story, the original Japanese language will be difficult to follow unless you are a native speaker. Luckily, Gematsu has a mirror on their YouTube channel with an English language translation available.

Ron Perillo

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