Square Enix – ‘We Won’t Release Final Fantasy VII (Digital) Early’

So, it’s hardly any secret that with the COVID-19 pandemic creating logistical problems worldwide, some (lucky) people out there already have their (physical) copy of the Final Fantasy VII remake. It has, therefore, led to some groups attempting to pressure Square Enix to just release the game now! Specifically, for digital download.

Well, if you were hoping that this would happen, I have some bad news for you. Following an official blog post (which you can check out here), Square Enix has confirmed, categorically, that despite some people already having their physical copies, they will not be launching the digital version of the game early!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

On their support page, Square Enix was asked why, if some people have their physical copies early, why they won’t just open the doors to the digital release. In answering this, Square Enix has said:

“While we understand the frustration of seeing the game for sale in some locations. The bulk of our shipments to retailers around the globe are still scheduled to arrive in stores for our April 10 street date. Also, changing the digital release date at this point-in-time could lead to logistical issues that could disrupt the digital launch for everyone. Therefore, we will be adhering to an April 10 digital release date. Thank you for your understanding.”

What Do We Think?

We can’t honestly say that we’re surprised by this news. The ball is, of course, entirely in Square Enix’s court. Albeit, we suspect that if they really wanted to, they probably could release the digital version early. The April 10th launch date has, however, been pretty much confirmed since late last year and, despite the Coronavirus causing delivery issues, it was always unlikely to change as the sole deciding factor.

Let’s look on the bright side though. If you are anxiously awaiting your digital copy, you have less than a week now before it arrives!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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