Stallone to Co-Produce Expendables Mini-series

/ 2 years ago


Sylvester Stallone’s famous Expendables franchise has been announced to have a TV mini-series on the way. Reports suggest that Fox is developing a mini-series for the assassin/ hitman trilogy. Stallone is rumoured to co-produce along with the original producer Avi Lerner, yet no details of the cast have been released.

The Expendables promised to be an all manly man, gore fest with real fighting styles, guns and explosions, yet it turned out to be more of a clash of ideas, there’s not much more you can do once you take down an island dictator with an army that outnumbers your clan 50 to 1. With production budgets possibly cut, it may be unlikely we would see any recurring appearances from the original cast, but maybe this could be the opening for new up and coming action stars.

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Haven’t seen any of the series? Here’s a little clip from the movies!

Thanks to The Verge for this information

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