Star Citizen Funding Continues to Break Records

/ 5 years ago


Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium held their CitizenCon live stream last weekend, in a bid to not only raise awareness of their upcoming space-epic, but to also bring current financial backers up to speed with how the games development is progressing, as well as showing people what they’re planning on doing with the vast sums of money they’ve been receiving.

The game has already broken a world record for the most successful crowd funding campaign, but it continues to raise the bar as it has recently hit $58 million; a figure that is likely out of date now given the rapid success of their funding attempts. The most promising aspect of Star Citizen is that the developers have pledged to invest every penny into this games development and they’ve been forever adding new stretch goals, features, modes and more to meet the growing demands of their budget; and they intend to keep developing new content long after the games official release.

The latest stretch goal is community voted ships, judging by the current voting it looks like a repair ship will be the next addition to the game. All of the Arena Commander ships have also been unlocked this week, great for those (like myself) who have early access and a great opportunity to test out the games combat systems.

Thank you IncGamers for providing us with this information.

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11 Responses to “Star Citizen Funding Continues to Break Records”
  1. William Allan says:

    All this Cash yet 2 Years in progress is Incredibly slow, I have seen
    games made a fair Bit quicker its not like they have even written their
    own engine etc.
    Other projects started around the same time are
    either finished or near finished, yet we still seem years away from even
    a playable game. Arena Commander is All they seem to have come up with
    in that time, and that is like 2 minigames within really small areas.
    Progress must be made at a far far quicker rate, people are not as patient as Chris Roberts seems to think.

    • Peter Donnell says:

      OK, name those projects? Any major development on a big title takes around 4 years, with few exceptions.

      • William Allan says:

        Elite Dangerous, Crowd funding seems to have Started Around November 2012.

        • Nojan says:

          but the actual development of ED started 2010, star citizen actually started to go in production around start of 2013, and they’re still hiring! GTA and desting each took 5 years and this game is bigger than both of them!

          • Simon Moore says:

            Elite dangerous is not out yet also the game dose not offer any where near the immersion of star citizen. Arena commander is a major step for the game as it shows how you will spend a lot of your time, as they spend a lot of time with accurate space flight models so when the game comes out people are not disappointed. No they have not built there own engines but they are using the cry engine in ways no others have, also with the amount of possibilities in the engine no other studio seems bothered enough to try and use them.
            And then you go on the fact you are getting a persistent universe which if we take it at face value is deeper then anything before it and then a whole single player campaign. At last i checked it was 60% of star citizens just own an Aurora this means most people paid $40 ish for a fully fledged single player game and a mmo on top of that, not just a a shit shoot at each other for no reason call of duty crapfest (all though i like call of duty when iam in the mood for that)
            I will admit i have pretty much stopped looking in to star citizen for no because the waiting is killing me but that’s my fault and no the studios

          • William Allan says:

            Really ?, because as far as I can see David Braben Is saying there will be FPS elements as well as other more in Depth features added to Elite Dangerous at a later date No “Story” does not equate to a lesser game. It may even turn out to be the game with more substance in the long Run, how do we know being as Star Citizen is so far behind in terms of development, People often let their mouth’s print cheques their ass can’t cash. All we have is the promises of a Dude trying to flog us his Software. As I have already said I have Invested in both games and I will be watching with Interest to see how things pan out.

          • Simon Moore says:

            Never said it was a lesser game, but i am stating what star citizen is offering. And its not behind in development, they have not published a release date, it will be ready when its ready. and better for it, not rushed and compromised like many AAA titles. But agreed, after buying another ship this month and after getting a new hotas elite is the next game on my list

          • James Brand says:

            The difference is CIG is delivering all Braben has is words, besides money talks and where is the news of ED breaking funding records time and again. I go on results and track record which shows that Braben is not even in the same league as Roberts so thanks but no thanks I’ll Take Roberts actual proof and working prototype over Brabens “empty promises” any day

          • William Allan says:

            Ah but they had to develop Their own Game Engine, Star Citizen does not, I am also invested In both games.

          • Nojan says:

            i backed both too, i’m sure both will be awesome, i’m simply pointing out that a game of this scope doesn’t just come out after two years, or even 4!, by the way the team at star citizen have changed the original cry engine so much ( moving it to 64 bit, changing physics, building a mega server that can work with the engine…) , you can say that they ARE making their own engine.

          • James Brand says:

            I’d suggest being informed before being so Judgemental, 1st CIG are have had to convert Cryengine 3 to do a whole bunch of shit it was never intended or designed for,2nd they are having to convert the whole engine and all code from 32bit to 64Bit double precision,3rd Did I mention PBR?

            Or how about the whole being able to interact outside of your ship the latter or which CIG has already working even in prototype stage which ED does not so far all ED consits of is go from point A to point B then dock, then look at a menu while sat in your seat,pick a option launch and repeat.

            When it comes down to trusting 1 persons word to deliver on their promises I trust only 1 person and it ain’t Braben, played ED Beta 3 on my cousin’s PC and I’m not at all impressed at what you get for £50( some average rinse/repeat gameplay and a load of thin promises and aspirations from a team that does not have a stellar record of delivering either).

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