Star Citizen Game Is PC Exclusive Because Consoles Can’t Handle It

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The crowd-funded video game Star Citizen is going to be one of the biggest game titles of 2015. The exciting new title is being developed as a PC exclusive game but its creators have said that they could not bring it to the console platform even if they wanted to. Why? Well it isn’t any #PCMasterRace style elitism that is keeping them from bringing it to the console platform. The simple fact is that consoles would not be able to handle the game in its current form, that includes current and last-gen consoles.

“In recent times we have had the feeling that the PC had been a little put aside, and that the games that came out were often ported from console with sub visuals that did not show the potential of the PC. Today’s gaming PCs are really formidable, they have more powerful processors, more powerful video cards, and are best in every aspect, Even the new generation of consoles can not hold a candle to, their internal components are already older than what I can now mount on a home PC. We wanted to create a game that showed all the capabilities of today’s PCs, and above all, we wanted to create a game for all those who enjoy to assemble really high-end PCs with dual graphics cards and liquid cooling, especially since no game so far has ever allowed to exploit the full potential of such PCs.” Stated Cloud Imperium Games’ Eric Peterson.

Indeed it is most probably the case that to get the full visual experience you do need a high-end gaming PC. However, I would not be surprised if a cut-down version did port its way over to the consoles at a later date. We saw such a thing occur with Crysis 3 where Crytek said it was only possible on PC and then we ended up seeing a slimmed down console version. Star Citizen is being produced by Cloud Imperium Games and is expected to be released during 2015.

Source: PC-Gaming (It)

Image courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games

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