Star Citizen’s Huge 40GB Assets Leak Includes a Bengal Carrier

/ 2 years ago

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Because Star Citizen is such an anticipated game, many people are keeping a close eye on its development. This is probably why Cloud Imperium Games couldn’t contain the massive 40GB assets leak that got out recently thanks to one of the company’s community managers. The team behind game’s development reacted quickly and managed to bring the torrent down, but two people still managed to download the pack in its entirety despite their efforts.

Courtesy of a YouTube member named “Paraias Denton”, Star Citizen fans can now feast their eyes on the huge Bengal Carrier starship, but the model showcased in the video might not be the most up to date one. Furthermore, Star Citizen runs on a modified version of Crytek’s CRYENGINE, and since the carrier was rendered on the engine’s consumer version, some details might not be entirely accurate. I’m curious what other goodies are included in the 40GB leak, especially since this ship is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen in a space sim. If you want to check out the carrier yourself, you can just go ahead and click the video below.

Are you looking forward to Star Citizen?

Thank you Dsogaming for providing us with this information.


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  1. I look forward to FPS Module!
    Go StarCitizen!

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