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Star Trek Voyager Project Uses AI for Unofficial 4K Remaster

There are, at the risk of becoming the Captain of the USS Obvious, rather a lot of Star Trek out there. While we do have a lot of new content to sink our teeth into in recent years, however, there are plenty who love the (relatively) older shows and amongst them, Voyager holds a firm place in many hearts.

In terms of releases, however, to date, the series is still semi-stuck in its original quality which, based on TV shows from the 90s, hasn’t aged particularly well. One fan project, however, is using AI to hopefully remaster the entire series in glorious 4K.

You can watch them in the clips below, just remember that with the YouTube bandwidth rationing, you may need to manually set these to 4K.

Star Trek Voyager – 4K AI Remaster!

Following a post on the official Star Trek Reddit page, user ‘theboomsterz‘ has revealed a number of screenshots from their AI remaster project including a video segment showing the 4K in action.

Using AI machine learning to automatically apply a 4K update, the person doing it has hinted that the process hasn’t been easy. Largely because the series uses a variable frame-rate (presumably in special effects moments) which can cause the AI to get a little confused.

What Do We Think?

Now, to throw a mild damp towel over the project, this isn’t technically true 4K. Compared to the original source video, however, the improvement is clearly visible for all to see and with the creator hoping to do this to the entire series (pending his purchase of the full version of the software), we may soon get Voyager in better quality than ever seen before. Well, presuming CBS doesn’t learn about it first.

On the plus side, however, the creator does appear to be fully aware of this. More so, they hope that their efforts may lead to something ‘officially’ being done with the series.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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