Star Wars Animated Movie Could Be In The Works For Pixar?

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There seems to be another rumor about Disney and Star Wars, with the latest rumor being centered around Pixar developing a Star Wars Film for their parent company. This rumor comes from The Latino Review which published a report saying;

“It was only a mater of time before Disney’s golden child animation acquisition was brought into the company franchise game. Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer John Lassester doubling his time at Disney Animation is a good cog in the machine, but there comes an opportunity to mix two potentially profitable brands together and see if the success can exponentially multiply. Or that must be the thinking at Disney, because we’ve heard that Pixar has been given their own Star Wars movie.”

Although The Latino Review does give us a few details on the project it is to this date, until something is announced by Disney or Pixar a rumor and it could be a long way off given Pixar and Disney already full plates at the moment in regards to film production. While this is only a rumor it does have some validity behind it, seeing as Pixar is one of the most Hollywood’s most bankable studios and combining the Star Wars brand with Pixar would surely be a huge profitable endeavor of both Pixar and Disney. We will keep you updated when more information regarding this rumor becomes available, however I for one would love to see a Pixar take on the Star Wars universe.

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