Star Wars Battlefront III was 99% done when cancelled.. or was it 75%??

/ 5 years ago

Free Radical’s co-founder Steve Ellis revealed that SW Battlefront III was 99% complete when the funding was cut- off when the management switched hands.

Battlefront 3

That was when Steve decided to leak an hour long footage on YouTube which was welcomed with positive feedback few months ago. According to him, Battlefront III was a very ambitious and would have been their most successful game if the funding was not cut off.

What remained from the game development were bug fixes and patching.

But according to what a former LucasArts employee with a condition of being anonymous said that the 99% complete stuff is just plain Bullsh**! – and that a generous estimate would be 75% completion of the game.

2 sides of the story! Whom you believe- Free Radical- or the un-named former LucasArts? In any case, why would a game that’s 99% complete be cancelled when its just so close
?? Questions- for now- are left unanswered!

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