Star Wars: Battlefront Teaser Takes us Back to Hoth

/ 3 years ago

star wars battlefront

Ahead of next month’s unveiling at Star Wars Celebration, EA has revealed a 30-second teaser trailer for DICE’s first/third-person tactical shooter Star Wars: Battlefront, due out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this Christmas to coincide with the cinema release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

The teaser, which doesn’t show any in-game footage, takes us back to Hoth, the ice planet from The Empire Strikes Back:

The Star Wars Celebration, at which Star Wars: Battlefront will get its official reveal, takes place in Anaheim, California from 16th to 19th April.

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Source: EuroGamer

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One Response to “Star Wars: Battlefront Teaser Takes us Back to Hoth”
  1. Ryan Airth says:

    If this 33 second video in the tweet is the “new” teaser trailer, I’m sorry but that’s been out on the internet since 2013.

    Edit: I no longer know where the f*** I got it that somewhere it said that this was a new teaser trailer smh. Anyways, yeah, this is old lol.

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