Star Wars Digital Movie Collection Goes on Sale Friday

/ 3 years ago


You can purchase the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection on Friday April 10th from retailers such as Vudu, Xbox, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, as well as others. Digital copies of the movies will be available for your streaming pleasure this weekend.

With more and more people watching movies without being tied to physical media, this move comes as not surprise though many out there still prefer to have a physical copy of the media. There will be new features included with the collection to entice people into the purchase. There will be a “Discoveries from the Inside” featurette for each movie, and so-called “Conversations” between key contributors. No word on pricing as of yet but Vudu is taking pre-orders for $90 which is the same as the Blu-Ray set.

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Source: Engadget

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One Response to “Star Wars Digital Movie Collection Goes on Sale Friday”
  1. Predreus says:

    $90? I’d much rather have the Blu-Rays at that cost

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