Star Wars Fan Builds a Fully-Functional Holochess Table

/ 2 years ago

star wars holochess table

Remember the Holochess board that appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope? You know, when Chewbacca was angry for losing to his opponent? Well, we’ve heard that a very dedicated Star Wars fan named Ian Martin managed to re-create that particular Holochess board as well as the “monster” pieces that are required to play the game. The truly incredible part is that Ian managed to hand-carve, cast and paint each one of the monsters in question, not to mention the fact that his table features 10 working knobs, 26 working lights, and 54 functional buttons. The game’s creatures actually exist in the Star Wars universe, and they are Grimtaash the Molator, the K’lor’slug, Ghhhk, the Mantellian Savrip, Ng’ok, Kintan strider and Houjix.


The game itself is named Dejarik, and even though it was played using holograms in the films, it can also be played just fine using Ian’s figurines, which were created with great care and attention to detail. Naturally, the community’s response to this Holochess table (which took no less than 11 months to be complete) was quite enthusiastic, and many fans have expressed their interest in purchasing the product. It’s not hard at all to understand where this enthusiasm is coming from, especially since the table can be used to play Dejarik without any issues. In the following video, Martin explains the game’s rules.



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