Star Wars Superfan Gets a Han Solo in Carbonite-Coffin Coffee Table

/ 3 years ago

superfan builds han

On the latest installment of the web show “Super-Fan Builds” a Star Wars superfan gets a special surprise made for him, a coffin coffee table with a sculpted top of him in carbonite. The amazing coffin is what the guy will want to be buried in now, and he jokingly said that he needs to rethink being cremated.

From the footage, the recipient Ray Choi is definitely a certifiable Superfan. He does volunteer with the 501st Legion, the charity organization that does Star Wars cosplay. The series features Tim Baker and his crew at Tim Baker Creations each episode to build something special for a deserving individual. In the past, they’ve built things like a city of Rapture aquarium from Bioshock, a hobbit hole kitty litter box, a Groot swing, and a Final Fantasy kitchen knife set.

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Source: c|net

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2 Responses to “Star Wars Superfan Gets a Han Solo in Carbonite-Coffin Coffee Table”
  1. YeahRight says:

    Somebody needs to get a life.

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