Stargate Producers Working on New ‘Dark Matter’ Sci-Fi Series

/ 3 years ago


There hasn’t been a new Stargate TV show for a long time now, but that hasn’t stopped Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi, former writers and directors of the popular Stargate series, from trying their luck on another sci-fi franchise.

Their latest creation is named “Dark Matter” and is said to air on SyFy this June. The trailer below shows some resemblance to the Stargate: Universe series, but it is said that the new series is sourced from a graphic novel called Dark Horse.

The cast for the series also seems to be a bit low-key, having recruited some less familiar names, such as Marc Bendavid, Zoie Palmer and Anthony Lemke. Roger Cross and Jolle Ferland are some familiar faces that viewers will see in the series compared to the aforementioned actors.

Also, there is word of a couple of the old Stargate cast members joining to captivate Stargate fans, having Amanda Tapping and Torri Higginson in the series as well.

Source: Blastr

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