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Steam Hardware Survey Shows Gains For AMD Ryzen CPUs

It’s hardly any secret that since the launch of the AMD Ryzen platform back in 2017, the processors have been among some of the most popular around. This has even included those who have somewhat religiously stuck with Intel for many, many, years prior. As part of the latest Steam Hardware survey, therefore, it’s not exactly surprising to see that following a recent spike over September, AMD has now finally cracked a 25% market share on the platform.

AMD Ryzen Hits 25% on Steam Hardware Survey

Now, admittedly, these numbers should be taken as indicative more than 100% accurate. You do, after all, have to ‘sign-up’ to have your specifications taken in this survey and, as such, AMD’s market share could potentially be lower, but in truth, we suspect it’s probably a little higher.

Make no bones about it though, despite the perceived advantage Intel CPUs may have in gaming, more and more people are choosing Ryzen!

Nvidia Dominates Graphics Cards

In terms of graphics cards, it’s no surprise what-so-ever to see Nvidia absolutely dominating the list. In fact, the absolute best AMD can manage here is a 10th place with the RX580. If you ever needed proof though that entry-mid tier graphics cards were some of the most lucrative markets, however, just take a closer look at the GPUs topping the list!

Still, with AMD set to launch both their new CPUs (next week) and GPUs (October 28th) this month, expect to see those figures change a little as we approach 2021.

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Mike Sanders

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