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Steam Hits a Brand New Record in Concurrent Users

There are some people out there who will try and tell you that the PC gaming market is in decline. It appears, however, that Steam (or perhaps more accurately, Valve) would disagree.

Following a post on Twitter, Steam has just confirmed that a brand new record has just been set for concurrent users on the platform!

Steam Breaks Concurrent User Record

Now, there is a little bit of give and take in this record. While the 18,801,944 users concurrently online is a new record, in terms of people actually playing games, the figure was down by around a million the last time the record was broken two years ago.

It would, therefore, seem to suggest that there are more Steam PC gamers out there, but not so many that felt inclined to actually play something on the platform.

What Do We Think?

It sounds like it was just a case of bad timing. When the record was set (2nd January 2:30 pm GMT) I think I was probably playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare. A game which, as you probably know, is accessed on PC via Blizzard’s So, while I was one of those concurrent users, I was also one of the (probably millions) who were ‘AFK’ at the time.

Still, its encouraging to see that the users have peaked and that, like myself, many of you decided to spend your Sunday afternoon engaging in completely fruitless activity! Well, that’s what Sundays were made for after all! A pity that it’s now Monday…

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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