Steam Lunar New Year Sale Set to Return on February

/ 2 months ago

Steam Lunar New Year Sale Set to Return on February

Valve has just wrapped up their holiday sale a few weeks ago, although it seemed tepid compared to previous holiday sales.The good news is that the next tent pole sale apparently is just around the corner. New information has leaked out regarding the next big Steam sale and it will be during the Lunar New Year. According to the SteamDB account via Steam Direct, the event will run from February 15 Thursday until February 19 Monday. That means it will only last a little over a weekend.

2018: The Year of the Dog

Steam Lunar New Year Sale Set to Return on February

What kind of sales should be expected? Well 2018 on the Chinese Lunar calendar is the year of the dog. If Valve is going to stick to thematic titles then expect Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs and Watch_Dogs 2 to be on sale. There is also Square Enix’ Sleeping Dogs from 2014 which is often on sale during Steam events.

Although those titles have the word “dog” on the title, they do not exactly revolve around our canine pals. Then again, when was the last time Steam actually stuck with theme for their sale? They barely did it during the last Halloween event. However, it is not like there is a shortage of actual dog-related games on the platform. There’s Fidel Dungeon Rescue, a highly rated puzzle game. There is also Mimpi Dreams, an adventure game revolving around a little doggie and his dreams.

Either way, expect plenty of other titles to go on sale. My wallet is safe this time since I haven’t even been able to play a quarter of the games I bought during the Halloween and Winter discount event.

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