Steam Sets New Concurrent User Record – Who Says PC Gaming is Dead?…

Despite the fact that PC gaming certainly hasn’t been easy over the last 12 months (largely due to component shortages and overinflated prices) I always have to chuckle a little where I hear the suggestion that the platform is dying. I mean, we all know it isn’t, but every now and then somebody gets a bee in their bonnet about the ‘superiority’ of console gaming and, misguidedly, assumes that huge sales in those sectors seemingly seem to mean that PC owners are abandoning their systems in favour of the far more ‘convenient’ option.

They’re not, of course. It’s simply the fact that we PC gamers have the advantage of saying “why not both?”.

In just adding to the fact that PC gaming is on the up, however, following the latest figures provided by SteamDB, if you were logged into the platform yesterday afternoon, around 1pm-3pm, then congratulations, you’re officially part of their latest record!

Steam Sets New Concurrent User Record!

Yes, yesterday afternoon, Steam just set a brand new record by having 27,182,165 people logged into their service all at the same time. Now, of course, not everyone logged in was gaming. In fact, the figures in that regard show that only around a third of the total figure was actually playing something. – The hugely consistent growth shown over the last 10-years, however, has now resulted in seemingly more people having Steam on their PC (or laptop) than ever before!

Poor PC Supply Doesn’t Equal A Drop in Enthusiasm

Now, of course, many of us are on our knees at the moment begging for a brand new graphics card or processor. The figures do, however, seem to suggest that we’re still willing to soldier on and stick with our beloved platform even though times are undoubtedly tough.

Given that I was logged into Steam yesterday afternoon, however, I’m mildly pleased that I’ve been able to, once again, highlight that the PC Master Race will never die!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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