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Steam To Add Trading & Gifting To Client

If you use Steam as your primary gaming client it might be interesting to know that they have planned some major updates, at least according to

For a while there I ran the beta client of Steam, unfortunately there are so many updates, sometimes multiple updates in one day. When you’re busy doing something and steam wants to update, it doesn’t just update, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to just have it update. So once I was done with a fresh install, I decided it was probably best if I do not continue with the beta.

Valve Corporation, is an American Video Game Developer as well as Digital Distributor. Valve hosts their games on their game client called Steam, in which they also sell games from many other developers. Steam has become an integrated part of most gamers lives as many gamers look to steam for awesome deals, as well as for a way to play their games with their friends. At the same time Valve thrives to make the user experience better and better.

Steam has been placing updates in their system to make the gamers experience even better, unfortunately they have not released these new features just yet. They will be bringing two new and major features to the users.

Trade Offers: Which will give you the ability to send a trade offer to other steam users to trade from your inventory, people will then be able to accept, decline or counter your offer. Unfortunately this will only be limited to your friends at first, but hopefully they will soon let us send out offers to the entire Steam Community.

Item Gifting, currently you are able to give friends games, if you have an item in your inventory you can’t just give it away, you must open a trade. As well as give you the ability to gift an item to someone even if you are not friends with them! Item Gifting will allow you to send your in-game items and cosmetics as Gifts. The system will work the same as it currently works with the Games on Steam. So, the next time we are going to organize a giveaway, you probably won’t have to add them to your friends list and trade them but in fact, you will just send the reward as a gift!

Now as we have seen with recent news about Xbox and Playstation, it seems that Playstation is on board with letting friends trade and borrow games, while Xbox has decided to make trading games, and borrowing difficult. Steam does not offer to let you trade a game, and you certainly are not able to borrow a game from your friends. Though, Steam does offer many sales on games, which gives everyone the opportunity to purchase many newly released titles with a great discount.

Image from pensivenonsen

Thank you to for bringing us this great news about Steams upcoming features of trading and gifting.

Shane Blume

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