SteamBox Unboxed! [video]

/ 4 years ago

steam box

The first Steam machines have been dispatched to 300 lucky beta testers (Damn you, you lucky buggers!) And while we would love to get our hands on one for testing, we can at least enjoy a sweet taste of what Valve have to offer thanks to this unboxing video.

The user in the video shows the special crate that the system are shipped in, as well as the hardware that comes bundled with it. As many of you know, the SteamBox is just a PC with a custom form factor, designed to run SteamOS and allow people a more attractive method of playing PC games in their living room, or just on the big screen, an alternative to Windows based PC gaming.

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Will you be saving up for a SteamBox next year, or do you plan on building your own?

Thank you Dualshockers for providing us with this information.

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