Steamroller APU Engineering Sample Spotted

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AMD’s Steamroller CPU design is being hyped up by AMD and general tech enthusiasts, like Bulldozer was, who want to see some competition to Intel in the x86 market. Yet the APU is now AMD’s main selling product and main main focus. Recently some details about an AMD’s Steamroller APUs were released thanks to WCCFTech. Based on the “2M186092H4467_23/18/12/05_1304” Engineering Sample code it is possible to derive certain information about this Steamroller APU such as:

  • 1.8GHz clock speed
  • 2.3GHz turbo speed
  • 1.2GHz North Bridge frequency
  • 500MHz GPU
  • 35W TDP (mobile part)

The ES code 2M186092H4467_23/18/12/05_1304 tells us even more. According to earlier observations (here and here), the four numbers in the middle part tell a bit about clock speeds. If the first one is not 00 (no turbo, see Kabini ES), it indicates a turbo clock of 2.3GHz. The “18″ stands for 1.8GHz nominal frequency. I’m not so sure about the “12″. It could stand for 1.2Ghz North Bridge clock. Finally the “05″ indicates a 500MHz GPU clock. The right part “1304″ is the GPU code, which – thanks to earlier revelations – can be identified as AMD1304.1 = “KV SPECTRE MOBILE 35W (1304)“

Being a Steamroller mobile APU this unit is AMD’s attempt to produce something cheap and more power efficient than ever before. Currently AMD mobile parts only really have the GPUs going for them as the CPU parts don’t scale that well at lower clock speeds. Let’s hope the clock-per-clock boost of Steamroller brings AMD’s CPU architecture a much needed kick in the butt.

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Image courtesy of X-Bit Labs

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