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You Can Help Stop Scams By Submitting Phony Phone Numbers

When checking out the more random areas of the internet, have you ever found yourself directed to a site that indicates your operating system may have viruses and/or it’s not working correctly? What about emails telling you that, through the simple set up of a bank account (fee pending), you can access some dead person’s money? No? How about phone calls advising you that your Amazon Prime has been resubscribed and/or your internet is about to be switched off because of ‘suspicious activity’? – Well, if you have, you’re one of the countless thousands of people who are attempted, on a daily basis, to be scammed. Yes, sadly, scams are a regular and malignant part of our online lives these days!

Now admittedly, I take a lot of pleasure in scambaiting. In fact, whenever I get a scam e-mail, I take great delight in trolling them as much (and for as long) as I can. My current record, incidentally, is 112 e-mails between me and this rather persistent inheritance scam artist. Why do I do it? Well, firstly because it brings me great amusement. Largely though, with every minute of their time I waste, I’m preventing them from potentially finding their next real victim!

While I openly encourage you to do the same (by phone or e-mail), if you do come across one of these phone numbers, then there’s an amazing way you can help attempt to shut these scam centers down. Enter ‘Scammer Blaster’.

Scammer Blaster – Stopping Internet Scams!

Scammer Blaster is an online group who specifically looks to shut down scam call centers. They do this through the use of their server which will deliberately look to flood them with more calls than they can possibly handle. How does this stop the scammers? Well, in a nutshell:

  • Most call centres use VOIP to generate fake domestic phone numbers. As such, every call answered costs them money.
  • With enough traffic, the phone lines can literally grind to a halt. Meaning potential scam victims calling in will not get through to an agent.

So, at this point, you might be wondering how you can help. Well, while they don’t need volunteers, there is one very important way you can assist them to keep as amazingly efficient as possible.

How Can I Help?

While their system is more than capable of bringing havoc to a scam call centre, the one thing they are always happy to receive (and need) is more phone numbers! – So, if you find one of these ‘virus’ websites, or have a call that isn’t from a withheld number, make sure to jot it down.

Once you have it, you can visit the official Scammer Blaster website and submit the number. Presuming it works, expect to see the scam phone company flooded with masses of calls in the very near future! While it may not shut them down, it’ll end up costing them a lot of money I promise you!

If you want to learn more about Scammer Blaster, what they do, and how you can submit phone numbers – Check out the link here! – For someone who takes great pleasure in bringing scammers misery though, these guys and gals get two big thumbs up from me!

What do you think? Do you respond to e-mails/calls that you know are scams? If so, what’s one of the best interactions you’ve had? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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