StopWatching.Us Now Has 520,000 Backers, Still Rising Fast

/ 5 years ago


Just under two weeks ago we told you that StopWatching.Us, the organisation created by Mozilla and others against U.S government surveillance, had achieved 100,000 backers in a relatively short space of time. Now the organisation has racked up 520,000 backers at the time of writing with that number expected to continue rising fast as word of mouth spreads the campaign.

The organisation is aimed at putting pressure on Congress to hold the NSA accountable and make it more transparent. The ultimate goal is to reign in the NSA’s powers and make sure that they only act within the constitution and the law.

So far a staggering 1 million emails were sent on behalf of participants to senators and other representatives while people have spent over 15,000 minutes on the phone to politicians over the issue too. It remains to be seen whether the Obama administration and Congress will act upon the ever increasing pressure of their people. As the movement grows in popularity, and bare in mind this is just one movement of many against the NSA and PRISM, the government will be faced with no other option other than to start listening to its people.

Image courtesy of StopWatching.Us

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