Storage Options 7″ Scroll Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Tablet Review

/ 6 years ago

[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Before I start this, I will make it clear. I own an iPhone, and have always owned one and because of that fact, I’ve never had a chance to fully explore the world of Android, but I’ll be stepping into this with a fresh perspective and will try not to analyse the operating system to much but focus more on the device itself, as at the end of the day, Storage Options make the tablet, not the operating system.

You may remember a little while ago, we took a look at the miScroll from the same manufacturer and whilst it was a great product for the price, it was lacking something in the fact that it has a resistive screen. Today we’re taking a look at the same product, pretty much, but with a slightly improved design and the main important aspect; this model has a capacitive screen.

A  capacitive screen has some key features and relies on the electrical properties of the human body, meaning that only a very light touch is needed opposed to adding unnecessary pressure as you would with a resistive screen.

Starting with the accessories, we find quite a lot being bundled in with the tablet, in terms of connectivity with a DC adapter, On The Go cable, USB cable, headphones and relevant documentation.

The unit measures in at 203mm x 132mm x 12mm and has a 7″ screen with a 800×480 resolution and uses a 16:9 aspect ratio. It also features a 16-bit G-Sensor which allows the screen to rotate 360 degrees depending on your preference of landscape or portrait mode.

Around the screen, we find a black border which sadly is a sucker for fingerprints so we certainly advise having a screen protector as your first major accessory.

There is also a built-in 0.3 Megapixel camera and towards the bottom of the device, we find three buttons for bringing up menu options, going back to the home screen or returning to the last page or menu.

The back of the unit is very iPad-esque, with a silver metal surface. Darted around the bottom area is little denotations to inform us of what the side buttons and bottom connectors are.

On the side we find the power button as well as the volume buttons. It’s also worth noting that whilst some of the models in Storage Options range of tablets have removeable back covers and batteries, this model does not.

Moving to the bottom of the device, we find the 1W speaker, a DC-5V power connector, On The Go connector, reset button, mini HDMI port, TF card slot and headphone jack. Everything to keep you going whilst you’re on the move.

Due to this device having HDMI, it does allow it to become an all in one storage solution for acting as a portable storage space that can simply be plugged into any HDMI enabled screen and allow you to watch full 1080p HD footage from a variety of different formats.[/wpcol_1half]

[wpcol_1half_end id=”” class=”” style=””]Taking a look at what the tablet can do, and straight away we find that it comes equipped with the Android 2.3 operating system which is a key selling point for keeping the cost down and offering a familiar interface that can be customized to the users needs.

Running on a 1GHz ARM11 processor and only 256MB DDR2 memory, you can’t expect lightning fast results, and the responsiveness of the screen makes up for some of the lag that is generated by the internals.

The display whilst it doesn’t have the greatest resolution, is able to handle HD and high quality content very well and displays clear and vibrant colours in images and video, even with the likes of YouTube, which comes included on the operating system.

Performance is a subjective opinion on a device like this, due to the operating system used and not a great amount of benchmarking applications being available to suit. Instead of us looking at each angle of the tablet in terms of graphics and processing power, we’d rather comment on the tablet as a whole unit and for the most part it’s good.

The tablet seems a lot more responsive than the miScroll that we looked at with a resistive screen, but certain aspects of the tablet still believe in giving up half way through tasks, like watching YouTube videos or simply surfing the web.

Battery life on the whole is good, at around 4 hours worth of medium usage. If you constantly stream videos and multi-task, you’ll find this decreasing, but not at any kind of rapid rate.

After looking at the equivalent resistive model back in October, I was certainly keen to see how the capacitive model would compare as I’ve been used to similar technology with my iPhone which I honestly love. Whilst I was well aware that it wouldn’t be the quickest device on the planet, for the price of £112.88 you can’t complain, and the fact that Scan are throwing in a free Duracell 4GB microSDHC card, it’s everything you need to get going.


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