Store Your Gift and Loyalty Cards Virtually with Amazon Wallet

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There are loads of apps out there that revolve around money. Money transferring, storing credit card and debit card information etc. Now Amazon are getting their foot in the market door by launching their new app, Amazon Wallet. Now here’s the interesting thing about the app, it won’t store credit or debit card information and you can’t send people money through it either, so what’s the point you ask?

Well the idea behind the app is to reduce clutter in your wallet, gift cards to be exact. The best way to describe this app is through an example, so bear with me. Ok, It’s my birthday and I receive a GAME gift card from a member of my family and all is good, until I try to store the card in my wallet. I have no more free space in my wallet so I download Amazon Wallet from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore and enter, either by typing or scanning, my gift card details accordingly and hey presto, my gift card is stored virtually on the app and I no longer need to carry the card around with me.

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The idea behind the app is great, I can see why Amazon have created something like it, it can prove very useful but whether people use the app is another thing, it requires a lot of trust with Amazon to be able to safely store your cards information.

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