Stored Passwords Now Secured In Google Chrome

/ 4 years ago


Google takes security a step forward and finally adds a security feature in order to access the stored password inside the Google Chrome browser.

Up until now, the user stored passwords could be viewed by everybody whu had access to the computer at hand. That wouldn’t be very nice if your friend would like to steal your Facebook password and browse freely through your personal information, would it? Even worse if somebody stole your PayPal or other bank account information.


To access your saved passwords, a popup box now appears and prompts you with the password to authenticate before getting access to the stored passwords. This means the user needs to re-authenticate in order to access the part of the browser holding private user information, something that should have been added from the very start. To mention here is that the browser will keep the user authenticated for about 1 minute before prompting back with the popup box to re-authenticate.

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Take note though, the feature is only available for Mac OS X at the moment, but a Windows version should be available in the newer Google Chrome builds.

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