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Computer component manufacturer Streacom has announced its new line of ALPHA PC cases. Minimalist and sleek, there are five ALPHA chassis being launched, described by Streacom as “a total reboot and lays the foundation for future product compatibility, expansion, and manufacturing processes” with “not a single part from any previous case [being] re-utilized.”

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The whole range of ALPHA cases boasts higher precision extrusion, CNC, and tolerances for the aluminium parts, new anodizing processes with a more dust/mark resistant surface, and redesigned drive trays for easier installation, flexibility, and storage options. Each case also features a dedicated optical drive tray for easier fitting and adjustment, optimised venting, PCB-free USB 3.0 ports, and uprated heatpipes and improved mount surfaces for better thermal performance.

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According to the Streacom press release, each individual case features the following improvements:

  • FC5 – Redesigned bottom panel with higher strength, improved convection and more drive options
  • F7C – Added supports for 92mm fan and larger side venting for more airflow
  • FC8 – Top panel holes replaced with stealth side panel vent, cleaner looks and reduced internal dust
  • FC8 – Redesigned heatsink, sleeker, more balanced, less industrial looking and much easier to clean
  • F7C & FC8 – Single piece extruded top panel, virtually unbreakable design, better fit
  • F7C & FC8 – Simplified drive tray with easier installation, more drives and more component clearance
  • F7C & FC8 – Dedicated SSD mounting brackets for easier installation
  • FC5, FC9, FC10 – USB ports are now on both sides for better accessibility and balance
  • FC5, FC9, FC10 – Thicker top panel brackets reduces the chance of thread damage
  • FC5, FC9, FC10 – New silicon feet pads for better dampening, grip and surface protection
  • FC9 & FC10 – New drive tray with variable position drive mounting
  • FC10 – Standard width CPI expansion slots for dual card support
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Further information on the ALPHA cases – the FC5 AlphaF7C AlphaFC8 AlphaFC9 Alpha, and the FC10 Alpha – can be found on the respective product pages on the Streacom website.

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