Streaming Xbox One Games to Microsoft’s Hololens is Work in Progress

/ 3 years ago


There has been much buzz about the HoloLens, Microsoft’s virtual and augmented reality wireless headset, and Xbox head Phil Spencer says that his team are thinking about how to use the wearable device in conjunction with the Xbox One, saying it is “clearly on the roadmap.”

“I think gaming will be important,” Spencer said. “Specific scenarios with the Xbox, we’re thinking hard about. People could ask about streaming solutions. Could I use it as a display for my Xbox? We don’t have answers to any of those things, but know it’s all part of the same organization.”

Spencer is quite taken with Microsoft’s new hardware, saying, “It’s very cool. To me there’s not a successful consumer electronics device on the planet where gaming is not a primary form of app category on the thing.”

Source: Microsoft News

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