Students Build Solar Powered Family Car In The Netherlands

/ 4 years ago


A group of 22 students in the Netherlands have been working on something that is very unique and innovative. They are calling it the world’s first solar powered family car. The vehicle is called “Stella” and is both light and energy efficient according to an Inhabitat report. Being a family car it can support up to four passengers at one time. Interestingly it generates more power than it needs to move, under normal usage, which it can store in its batteries and then feed into a power grid when sitting idle.

The students that have developed this car believe it has what it takes to help them win this year’s World Solar Challenge between October 6th and October 13th. The World Solar Challenge is a race that takes place every two years on the Australian Outback. Solar powered cars race each other and try to beat each other on a pre-defined 3000 kilometre route.

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It looks pretty fancy and the technical aspects sound fantastic, but I don’t think it will be revolutionising family cars in everyday life any time soon – what do you think of it?

Image courtesy of Inhabitat

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2 Responses to “Students Build Solar Powered Family Car In The Netherlands”
  1. Anthony Perlas says:

    Would be nice to put in the family car just to keep the aircondition on while parked in the hot desert sun.

  2. d6bmg says:

    That sounds really nice!!

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