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Studio Ghibli Theme Park to Open in Fall 2022

Around a year ago we first heard that news that the beloved animation giant ‘Studio Ghibli’ was building a theme park in Japan. Set to be specifically themed around some of their most notable feature film releases, this certainly seemed to be like a dream come true for many of their fans (including myself!).

Well, following a report via SlashFilm, Studio Ghibli has confirmed that, pending no further delays, their theme park is looking set to be opened to the public around Fall 2022.

Studio Ghibli Theme Park

While construction is already well underway at the site in Nagakute City, Japan, it is understood that, at the time of writing, work is still set to begin on two further zones. Following delays from the COVID-19 pandemic, however, Studio Ghibli has confirmed that (presuming no other disasters befall us or them) that all works should be completed around mid-2022 with an opening date slated for Fall 2022.

So, what’s going to be at the theme park? Well, while specifics are not yet known, it is understand that it will be devided into 5 sections based upon their films works. These include:

  • “The Hill of Youth” – Themed on ‘Whisper of the Heart’ and ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’
  • The Giant Warehouse – Themed on ‘Spirited Away’
  • Dondoko Forest – Themed on ‘My Neighbor Totoro’
  • Mononoke Village – Themed on ‘Princess Mononoke’
  • Witch Valley – Themed on ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ and ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

I’m Going to Japan!

Based on the concept art images released by Studio Ghibli (as shown in this article) it’s truly looking to be a pretty amazing experience for anyone with even a casual interest in their feature films. The only mild downside is the fact that this is going to open in Japan and I live on (practically) the other side of the world. – Still, with it set to open in late-2022, I have plenty of time to find someone who’ll be willing to take the trip with me! Rest assured though, I will be going!

What about you though? Would you love to visit this theme park? Are you a fan of Studio Ghibli? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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