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Studio Ghibli’s First CGI Feature To Release This Winter

We recently reported on how Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyasaki was currently working on a new (and fully hand-animated) feature film. During that article, however, we also mentioned the fact that his son, Goro, was also working on an entirely separate CGI based project. One that would represent the animation studios first foray into a fully computer-generated feature release.

Well, following a report via Kotaku, we have confirmation that this CGI-based Studio Ghibli film is nearing completion, and, better still, it will be released this Winter!

Studio Ghibli CGI Film to Release This Winter

So, what do we know about this feature film? Well, called “Aya and the Witch” this new CGI-feature is based on the Diana Wynne Jones novel ‘Earwig and the Witch’.

Now, for those of you familiar with your Studio Ghibli (and books), you’ll know that this isn’t the first adaptation they have made of her writings. Back in 2004, Studio Ghibli also created the (absolutely amazing) “Howl’s Moving Castle” that was based on the (also excellent) Diana Wynne Jones novel series.

As for specific details on “Aya and the Witch” though, well, beyond actually reading the book, there we have a problem. You see, to date, Studio Ghibli hasn’t released any stills or trailers for this new film. Let us be clear though, one of the biggest announcements here is that this is going to be released far sooner than many (including myself) expected!

When is it Out?

In something that’ll undoubtedly be surprising to many, this new feature animation will not see a general theatrical release. It will, instead, make its primary debut on the Japanese TV station ‘NHK’. Something that is, for us fans, excellent news. – Why? Well, with it hitting the small screen, western audiences can likely expect it to be released (with hopefully localized language) in the early part of 2021.

Do we think it’ll be good though? – Well, in fairness, Goro Miyasaki’s films are considered to be some of the weakest in the Ghibli franchise. Albeit, he has only released two so far and while the filling the colossally huge boots of his father might be a stretch, I’m still confident that this new feature is going to be pretty amazing!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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