Studio Behind Pokemon to Produce “Badass” Elephant Game

/ 3 years ago


Titles don’t come much better than, Tembo the Badass Elephant. On that alone, it could be the best game of 2015. It’s an upcoming side-scrolling action game that looks almost like Contra starring an elephant commando: you destroy tanks and soldiers, and at one point you can use a giant bowling ball to knock over your enemies. The first trailer for the game makes it look like a whole lot of fun.

So how does Pokemon relate to this? Well Sega is covering publishing duties, but the Japanese studio behind Pokemon, Game Freak, is dealing with the production side. However, while the company is closely associated with Nintendo and best known for games where fictional animals fight each other for sport, Game Freak has been known to release games on other platforms and in other series as well.

Tembo, meanwhile, won’t be coming to Nintendo platforms at all: it’s slated to launch this summer on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Thanks to The Verge for this information

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