Study Finds Bots Are Better at Solving Captcha’s Than Humans

A new study has found that captchas designed to block bots are becoming useless and the bots are actually better than humans at cracking Captchas.

Bots Better At Cracking Captchas

As reported by the Independent, a recent study conducted by scientists at the University of California Irvine, found that automated bots are capable of cracking Captcha tests much faster than humans are. The study assessed 200 of the most popular websites with 120 of them still using captcha’s and then pitted 1,000 varied participants to take 10 captcha tests on the sites alongside bots to see who was faster. The human participants took between 9 and 15 seconds to solve the captchas with an accuracy of 50-84% whilst the bots took less than a second with a 95-100% accuracy.

This is quite ironic considering the methods to prevent bots are effectively useless in this scenario. Captcha’s are annoying anyway and half the time don’t work even when you click all the sodding traffic lights. Captcha’s can do one and I’m glad scientists can back that up and hopefully, the next method of preventing bots is less annoying and more effective.

Jakob Aylesbury

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