Study Reveals British Young People Want Online Content For Free

/ 3 years ago

Around half of children and teenagers in the UK believe content should be available online for free, a report from YouGov claims.

As part of the survey from YouGov, 49 percent of residents from 8 to 15 agree or strongly agree “you should be able to download or access content you want for free from the Internet.”  It’s an alarming ideology that copyright holders must deal with appropriately to get them onboard with legal online content.

There is a technological change that has seen children ages 8 to 15 showing drastically different cultural views than any other generation – and with access to content anytime, anywhere – the norm will continue to develop.

Here is what YouGov said in a statement:

“The general consensus is that digital content should be free or at least cheaper than the physical equivalent.  File-sharing continues to be common amongst younger adults and children.  Cost, availability of content and convenience are all key motivators.  However, there is evidence of growing usage of legal alternatives to file sharing.  Younger adults show less concern and understanding about piracy and digital rights but are keen to see punitive action taken against providers and search engines.”

Consumer attitude, especially from younger demographics, gives companies, content providers, and copyright holders the chance to alter sales and marketing strategies.

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  • lol1996

    “The general consensus is that digital content should be free or at least cheaper than the physical equivalent.” I damn well hope people think that digitally distributed content should be cheaper than its physical counterpart, there aren’t any physical distribution costs and the price should reflect that