New iPhone Naming Is Confusing Customers Says Research

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A study by Experian Marketing Services suggest that the new iPhone naming schemes have created confusing among online consumers. Using data from Hitwise EMS discovered that consumers simply haven’t warmed to the iPhone 5C because consumers just aren’t that aware of the 5C model’s existence. The survey data for the week ending September 14th suggests that iPhone 5S search queries outnumber iPhone 5C search queries by a ratio of 4:1.

Interestingly search terms for the iPhone 6 were also incredibly popular as many Apple customers, or potential customers, weren’t sure if the newly released iPhone 5S was the iPhone 6 or not.

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Apple’s iPhone is now in its seventh generation yet has only reached the number 5 and the newly added C letter to the naming system, that was already made more complex by the S, is apparently causing great confusion among Apple customers.

The study also revealed that the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner was the most popular differentiating feature between the two handsets while the study also showed a hardline loyalty from iPhone users denoted by the fact searches comparing different iPhone models were twice as frequent as those comparing Android and iOS handsets.

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9 Responses to “New iPhone Naming Is Confusing Customers Says Research”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    Jeepers. If they can’t differentiate between the two, how would they manage if they were buying a GFX card or a processor… I’d like to say that a lot of Apple customers are not the most intelligent people on the planet but I may offend them. 😛 Mind you, if the prices don’t offend them, then they shouldn’t be easily offended. 😉

    • Jim Nichols says:

      The average consumer Apple user does not buy Graphic Cards or Processors, an iMac is an all in one, no need to tinker or build-your-own. But I have upgraded my previous PowerMacs with new Graphic Cards, Internal Hard Drives, RAM, PCI cards, etc…

      And yes, for the average consumer, the various iPhone models can be confusing. I’m helping my parents buy their 1st Smart Phones, they are getting the iPhone 5c. At 1st they were just going to get the 4s “because it was free”, they did not know it was a 2 year old model. The average consumer does not keep up with all the tech news and know what the latest model of something is like us. They go to Walmart or Best Buy and the salesperson tries to sell them a clearance model (many stores are pushing the iPhone 5), and bully them into an extended warranty & overpriced accessories.

      • Adam Kus says:

        I’m pretty sure you’re missing Skimarks’s point entirely

        PS. They should go for 4s and not waste money, the major change in “new versions” is just a name, paying more money for minor changes that your parents probably won’t even see.

        You complain about companies trying to sell models they want to get rid of, yet you push “newest models” onto your family. (Since you brought the “overpriced” topic).

        • Jim Nichols says:

          There is a huge difference between the 4s & the 5c! I think you’re confusing the 4s with last year’s 5. There is not much different between the 5 & the 5c, except the chassis. They can get the 5c for $45 at Radio Shack or Walmart, and they will be using them for more than 2 years most likely.

          • TwsT says:

            $45 + a contract……………………………. = the cost of the phone and then some…

            if you have to buy apple get the 5 and put iOS 7 on it. Personally I’d avoid clunky software bad hardware mixed with excellent design and marketing. IS all your are getting. The revolution died along time ago. I tried so hard to Like apple myself but itunes really pisses me off 🙂 Nothing innovative in this batch. I swear the only make announcements to boost share prices anyway. the release regularity has increased tenfold If apple want to lead the way they should start leading again. Instead of admitting defeat and releasing an S version containing things they should have released on the original. but w/e it’s not my money. Spend it how you feel and enjoy it.

          • Jim Nichols says:

            All phones require a contract if you want them at the cheap price, and your point is?

          • Rauch says:

            not everybody lives in the us, in other countries it’s more cheaper to buy the phone unlocked at a retailer and pay a pre-pay card, and instead of paying min. $40 / month for 2 years ($960) + $200 per high end device = $1180), you pay $5 / month (equivalent for 2 years is $120 + $700 = $820)

            now i know 300 bucks is what some ppl earn in a week or so in the US, but in 2nd world countries, like mine, where the average salary doesn’t exceed $400, you’d like that money invested in something else than a phone company that has contract with the producers to get the phones at lower costs…. (don’t think for a second that verizon is paying apple $700 / iphone 5s and then they are giving them to you for $200 and a 24 month binding.. they are most likely paying $450 / iphone 5s and giving them for $200 and a 24 month binding, making everything more profitable for all of them, apple for selling millions of devices instantly and carriers for making you pay something for 2 years …

            dunno about you, but if i am getting in a contract with my local carrier, i want a better offer than buying myself and going prepay or else it’s losing its purpose

        • Rauch says:

          the 4s is equilavent (more or less) with what’s on the ipad 2… and believe me… the ipad 2 lags like a fucking 1st gen galaxy tab 🙂 it’s a worthless piece of garbage that’s still sold by apple stores… at least have the decency and not let it upgrade to ios 7 if the crappy specs you put inside it are low as fuck… i believe the ipad2 has 1ghz dual-core with a 512mb gfx with a weird and complicated naem and about 512mb of ram, considering i had lag on ios6 ocasionally…

  2. Nope says:

    (S)hit and (C)rap. Pretty easy tbh but we all know Apple Fanboys are not the smartest.

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