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Super Famicom’s Given Away to Keep Japanese Kids at Home!

With pretty much the entire world under Coronavirus lockdown, the chances are that many of you have turned to gaming as a way to pass the time in a safe and socially responsible manner. Following a post on their official website, however, the Japan Retro Gaming Association has taken a rather unusual step to help make this easier.

In order to attempt to keep their nations’ kids at home, the organization has announced that it is giving away 100 Super Famicom systems! Yes, giving away!

Super Famicom

With each of the Super Famicom systems (known as the Super Nintendo in the West) being thoroughly cleaned before shipment, 100 of them will be given away to Japanese kids to help incentivize them to remain at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Better still, they’re not just giving away the systems as that would largely be pointless. They’ll also be throwing in a handful of games. Spending time indoors with some classic 16-bit gaming? Sounds good to me!

What Do We Think?

As a promotion, it sounds like a fantastic idea and judging by the picture above, it’s not as if they were in short supply of the consoles. If anything, I’m just disappointed that there’s not some kind of similar promotion going on here in the UK.

If you are, however, reading this from Japan, you can learn more about the promotion (and how to apply for your Super Famicom) via the link here! – Act quickly though, the deadline for submissions ends on April 26th!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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