Super Luce DDR4 Enthusiast Memory Series by GeiL

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GeiL DDR4 Super Luce (1)

Hardware component manufacturer Golden Emperor International Ltd. (otherwise known as GeiL) has unveiled its high-end Super Luce Enthusiast DDR4 memory series. With speeds ranging from 2666 MHz to 3400 MHz, these memory modules are lightning-fast, but that’s not the only thing about them that makes them impressive. If you’re an enthusiast PC builder, then the way your PC looks is probably very important to you, and while PC cases, motherboards and cooling systems come in different designs, system memory usually ends up being the dullest-looking thing in the case.

The Super Luce by GeiL features the brand’s patented iLuce Thermal-beaming technology, which allows the user to monitor the temperature of memory modules in real-time with the help of a visual treat. The system is based on a series of LED breathing-light tempos installed directly onto the Super Luce heat-spreader. As the temperature goes up, so does the breathing-light tempo, and there are a total of five different temperature levels that correspond to breathing-light beats per minute.

  • Level 1: <40°C – 13 bpm
  • Level 2: 40-50°C – 60 bpm
  • Level 3: 45-50°C – 80 bpm
  • Level 4: 50-55°C – 120 bpm
  • Level 5: >55°C – 200 bpm
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The Super Luce memory modules come in three different lighting schemes, namely White, Blue and Red, which means that they can easily be matched with the most expensive motherboards on the market.

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