Super Rich Asteroid Expected To Pass By Earth

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A mega rich asteroid is expected to pass Earth this Sunday (July 19th) which is both extremely large and is also the richest known asteroid is space. The gigantic rock is named UW-158 and has an approximate core weight of 90 million tonnes. To put this into perspective, Guinness World Records estimates that the heaviest structure on earth is the Parliament building in Bucharest which contains 700,000 tonnes of Steel and Bronze. Now here’s the rich part, the asteroid contains around $5 trillion dollars worth of platinum, which is enough to save Greece from defaulting again.

This asteroid is expected to travel to within 1.5 million miles of Earth; this does not pose any danger to us, OR DOES IT!!!! No it really doesn’t, as the Asteroid will be around 6 times the distance of the current length from Earth to the Moon. The coined Platinum asteroid will pass London at approximately 11pm on Sunday (19 July) and will hopefully be captured by an observatory in the Canary Islands.

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I may have watched too much science fiction, but it makes you wonder if a genius in the future will devise a way to capture these resources. As the elements are becoming more and more limited, eventually we as beings will have to find new avenues with which to exploit.

Thank you fossbytes and Nasa for providing us with this information

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5 Responses to “Super Rich Asteroid Expected To Pass By Earth”
  1. Ryan Airth says:

    It would be cool if we were able to adjust it’s orbit enough to put it in orbit around Earth, though, beyond the moon.

  2. carol argo says:

    Hurry up trump, we got to go MINE THAT ASTEROID

  3. carol argo says:

    Nudge it on mars?

  4. Mr Average Guy says:

    Well, Kerbal Space Program does demonstrate possible functionality to allow capture of asteroids like that, but for something so massive it would take a horrendous amount of fuel and time to capture it

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