Super Talent Announced New mSATA SJ2 SSD

/ 3 years ago

super talent sj2 mSATA1

Super Talent Technology announces its newest and third mSATA SSD, the new JS2 solid state drive designed for industrial and embedded applications. The mSATA drives might not be the fastest on the block, but they have the big advantage of a tiny form factor and wide compatibility. There aren’t many compact or embedded systems that don’t come with at least one mSATA slot.

The mSATA SJ2 is an updated version of the SJ1 solid state drive and it provides fast speeds of up to 480 MB/sec reads and 160 MB/sec writes with access times down to 0.2ms. The drives are available with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity so you can pick just the right one for your system, why get more space than the system needs. The drives are based on the Mini PCIe and architecture and utilize the SATA-III interface. From the provided image it looks to use a SandForce SF-2141 SSD Controller and Micron NAND packages.

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supertalent sj2 ssd specs

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